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Jeevis Research and Development team is constant under process of developing Non Invasive devices, which will help doctors to understand physiological changes and root cause of patient body complaint / symptoms.
Since 2007, After long years of our regours development and clinical trial we have produced an Non Invasive Human Interface Device and Software, which provides functional analysis of human body vital organ. With the Help of this device now we can know the root cause of potential symptoms / illness.
We strongly believe, without treating cause its impossible to produce results. We have seen and found symptomal treatment has made more complecations in patients health. Causative treatment provides faster and best results on any chronic illness conditions, it also saves time and money of patient. Our founders philosopy “ The product which gives long term relief and not making habitual to ...
Jeevis day by day is building healthy atmospere in health care industry by providing results on challanges faced by medical practitioners to recover patients from chronic illness. Our research team has come with long terms and long lasting solution on chronic illness.
Jeevis today provides guaranteed results on illness like Asthma, Psorisis, Hyper Tension, Sciatica, Eczema, Spondylitis, Epigastric, Edema, Gangrene, Joints Pain , Gastroenteritis and Many more. Our patients result is the only award/reward for our founders research...
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