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Company Profile

Jeevis was established in year 2008, by our founder Mr. Satish Rasal. Focusing in Research and Development of Healthcare Clinical Causative Analysis Devices and Solutions. Our company presents clinical solutions for the medical practitioners, providing a pathway to causative detection of potential illnesses. As a new generation company, we are equally committed to improve the affordability and accessibility of result-oriented healthcare solution. We are proud to have a significant and sustainable impact on healthcare by delivering technologies and solutions that enhance clinical care and satisfy the pressing economic needs of our patients.

We are proud to provide Causative Analysis and Solutions on more than 210 potential illness to Medical Practitioners and Suffering Patients..


Research and Development

Our Research and Development is focused on 2 clinical functional areas,

  • First on Integrated Causative Analysis.
  • Second on Integrated Causative Treatment.

Our maximum focus is to understand human anatomy functions and its reflection. Any patient symptoms, illnesses, disease or problems are never self generated. They are reflections created by anatomical functional disturbance which imbalances the body chemistry. With our long dedication and hard work we have developed human interface device which helps to analyze patient's body problems and finds out the root cause (anatomical functional disturbance). This device helps medical practitioners to treat patient in right direction. It saves time, energy and money of both patients and practitioners. Our treatment maximum focuses on herbal, which itself has natures healing power without any side effects.


Vision & Mission

  • Is to provide Integrated Health Care Solution to medical Practitioners which will help them to understand patients Physiological problems and its causes.
  • Is to educate people about their inner health secret killing.
  • Is to deliver quality and result oriented products and Services.
  • Is to Save Time, Energy, and Money of Patient which creates his/her family mental illness.
  • Is to make every individual aware of his/her Social Responsibility.
  • Is to honour inborn potential and assist him/her in creating a Wealthy Society.

Team Members

Our Team Members are from varied fields Electronic, Information Technology, Doctors, Medical Professionals, Pathologist, Dietician, Psychologist and Holistic Practitioners. Who work integrated together in our Research and Development to provide synergic result-oriented solutions on patient's challenging health problems. Our team has credibility, expertise, skills and experience of more than 20 years in their respective fields. The clinical practicing system and solutions which we have developed through our research and development has provided potential solutions to thousands of patients those who were suffering from varied chronic illnesses. We have seen our result achievement onto the patient's family happiness. In future we will continue the same with our dedication and as social responsibility.


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